Please contact  The ArtFull Boutique If you wish to donate yarn for these causes. We are always happy and willing to except such acts of kindness. Thank You!


Hand Knit with acrylic , cotton, wool or mixed fibers

Colors: Various, Mixed or Solid

Size: Small, Medium or Large

Time To Create 1 Cowl: 4 to 6 hours depending on size

Cost Per Cowl: $45 to $85 depending on material and size

These photos are of different Styles and Designs of Scarves and Cowls that have been handcrafted by The ArtFull Boutique's owner and by local artists. Each of these beautiful scarves and cowls has found their special place ( from individual homes to group homes to shelters of various kinds) and are bringing warmth, beauty, and comfort to the people, creatures, and the environment they are in.

Contact The ArtFull Boutique on having a scarf or cowl custom designed and created for you!

Hand Knit Scarves & Cowls For A Cause 

Sashay Scarves 

Hand Knit 

Colors: Various

Lengths: Various

Time To Create 1 Scarf: 2 to 3 hours depending on length 

Cost Per Scarf: $25 - $35 depending on length

When You purchase handmade apparel here at the ArtFull Boutique we use the gift of those sales to purchase materials to make and mail out the many hand created hats, scarves, cowls, mittens, capes, blankets, baby sweaters and more to the ever growing list of  charities and causes in need of these warm and cozy creations. 

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